Chocolate Title

Well I am working chocolate into the title of my blog because it seems it brings visitors. I scored a record number of hits with my chocolate blog. I still have chocolate on my mind (and consequently in my mouth) even though I have now moved on to ‘Killer Hair’ by Ellen Byerrum. It started off well and I like that it is set in Washington DC, I thought that would add an interesting element to the book, but it’s really slow going. It’s not as much fun as other cosies because Byerrum over describes everything. Her sentences are too long as well. In addition she keeps having a bash at free indirect discourse (always a tricky thing) and unfortunately doesn’t quite pull it off. I’m up to Chapter 6 but it’s been a bit of a slog, I’m going to keep going for now but a key clue was delivered with clog like subtlety. Never mind maybe it will pick up, I hope so, I need something to take my mind off chocolate.

Well I certainly love them. Did you know they’re gluten free?

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