I visited the Penguin site for Berkley and Signet books today. 16 books are due for release this June. I love that cosies are so popular, but I have to wonder if sometimes we aren’t forfeiting quality for quantity. I was pretty surprised and somewhat depressed to see that Lorna Barrett has another book due out in August, making 4 in the series. I still haven’t recovered from the trash that was book 1. She actually put me off cosies! I didn’t read another for about 4 months after suffering that cr@p. I totally accept that different people like different things, and that the cosy genre has become a little like Mills and Boon (Harlequin to the USA) romances. There will be rubbish cropping up every now and then due to the publishers trying to meet the demands of a greedy public (myself included). But there really is no excuse for the misogynistic, generic twaddle that Ms Barratt spouts. Plus pinching a plot from a well-known film (Manhattan Murder Mystery) is just insulting our intelligence. I’m still smarting from the first book’s assumption that the cosy reader is a bitchy half-wit. We need to stand up for the good series and stop buying the rubbish, no matter how desperate we feel. I mean goodness me, the ‘Yellow Rose‘ series is no more but trees have died for the ‘Booktown Mystery‘ series? I’m telling you now, people are only buying it for the cat.

Here is a nice pic of a cute cat (thanks Reader’s Digest) so you don’t need to buy Lorna Barrett’s books and a link to click for free to give food to pets in animal shelters to cancel out any bad karma I may have created:

cute cat

A super cute cat!

Click to Feed Pets in Need

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