The Apple Turnover Murder.

Apple Turnover CoverThe Apple Turnover murder is without a doubt the worst of the Hannah Swenson mysteries. I feel the fault lies with both Fluke and the publisher. I love the Hannah Swenson mysteries, the only one I hadn’t enjoyed so much was the Peach cobbler murder, simply because I felt it was repetitive. I was still glad to have bought it. I’m not glad I bought the Apple Turnover Murder. Fluke spends so little time on the murder mystery it’s not worthy of the description ‘cosy’. In fact the mystery (such as it is) could have been condensed into one chapter, Swenson does no more than make the usual list on a legal pad. Then she gets in a truck with the murderer, only working out whodunnit whilst the victim of a murder attempt. These getting stuck with the murderer endings can be a little tiresome but never before have I read a cosy where the ammateur sleuth failed to do any sleuthing whatsoever. If you are familiar with the Swendon series you’ve probably realised that it’s taken up with romance, in particular the Norman/Hannah/Mike silliness. It’s been going on far too long, and needs resolving, shame on the publisher for failing to point this out and move the series along. Shame on the editor for totally failing to edit, the book is full of bad grammer and at one point one of the long standing characters name is wrong. Unbelievable. I feel that the publisher has somehow decided that Fluke fans will buy anything to do with Hannah Swenson so quality is no longer a consideration. I used to look forward to the new Swenson mystery and pre-order the hardback on Amazon, I’ll be waiting for a few reviews before I part with my money again. I hope the next installment sees Fluke back on form.

Joanne Fluke has a website: Murder She Baked

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